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Last update: version 2.1!

“Graforensic” is a computer program, designed for medical purposes, that allows to perform an interactive image study just moving the mouse pointer over the picture. Pop-up messages, containing data from the region pointed, are interactively shown.
The program consist of a main screen that allows the image to be loaded trough a dialog control.

Once the image is loaded, we are ready to explore it, moving the mouse pointer over the presumed pathological image regions.

The images to be read with “Graforensic” comes in a specially adapted format (*.gth” extension). That means that the program is unable to load, and subsequently explore, other different image formats.

Initially, this program was developed to explore forensic images (Pathology and Forensic Clinic pictures). The name “Graforensic” derived from this origin. Despite this exclusive initial orientation, and once its utility in other medical subjects was observed, the use of the application to the study of any kind of medical images was extended.

From the main Graforensic web site (http:\\Imagenmed.com) you can download the executable file (“setup_ingles.rar”), and a collection of “.gth” images. You can obtain aditional download information in the “How to...”como_gral section of this help.

Our purpose is, basically, to provide a constant source, periodically updated, of these images, through Internet.

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Graforensic software 2.1 (Win 95/98, WinNT, Windows 2000)

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